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Convulxin, a heterodimeric C-type lectin isolated from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom, activates mammalian platelets via binding and clustering of GPVI-receptors under physiological conditions. Occupation and clustering of GPVI activates Src family kinases, phosphorylating Fc receptor γ-chain and activating p72SYK that is critical for downstream activation of platelets. 

Application: Studies on platelet receptors. 

Origin: Crotalus durissus terrificus snake venom

MW: 84'000 

The assay is performed in an aggregometer 
485 µl platelets suspension (5 x 108 platelets/ ml) 
=> are incubated for 1-2 min at 37°C, until base line is stable 
Add 5 µl CaCl2 200 mM 
Add 5 µl MgCl2 200 mM 
=> wait until base line is stable 
Add 5 µl collagen solution 0.5 mg/ml (positive control)
Add 5 µl Convulxin 0.1 µg/ml (diluted in HEPES buffer) 
=> measure aggregation at 37°C 

Inhibitors: Prostaglandins are strong inhibitors of convulxin-induced aggregation. 

Stability: Lyophilised in vials  -  2 years at -20°C 

May be used until the expiry date given on the label when stored unopened, protected from moisture, in the dark, below -18 to -20°C. Avoid contamination of the reagents with micro organisms. Shipment of product does not require cooling during transportation.

Storage after reconstitution:
+15 to +25°C  -  8 hours 
+2 to +8°C  -  2 days 
-80°C  -  1 month 
The reconstituted product can be frozen immediately and stored at -80°C. Avoid refreezing.

Category: Research use only

Type: Snake Venom Protease Activator

Product Availability: Germany, Israel and Egypt

Manufacturer: DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. Branch Pentapharm, Switzerland

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50 µg/vial
Artikelnr.: 811902

Einheit: 1 vial

Code: 119-02

Hersteller: DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. Branch Pentapharm

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