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Pefabloc® TH, Inhibitor for Thrombin/NAPAP

The benzamidine moiety is a key structure for the development of inhibitors of trypsin-like enzymes. It mimics the protonated side-chain of the basic amino acids Arg and Lys which is hydrolysed by these enzymes. Pefabloc®TH (NAPAP) is one of the most potent and selective competitive inhibitors of thrombin.

Pefabloc®TH can be used in diagnostic systems, analytical applications, research and industrial purification processes to exclude undesired thrombin activity. It can also be used as a potent anticoagulant in in vitro test systems.

Formula: C27H31O4N5S · AcOH

MW: 581.7

Chem. name:
Nα-(2-Naphthylsulfonylglycyl)-4-amidino-(D,L)-phenylalanine piperidide acetate (NAPAP)

Solubility: 1.5 mg/ml (2.6 mM) in H2O

May be used by the expiry date given on the label when stored unopened, protected from moisture, in the dark, 2-8°C. Avoid contamination of the reagents by micro-organisms. Shipment of product does not require cooling during the time of transportation.

Ki constants:
Ki values for the inhibition of several trypsin-like serine proteases by Pefabloc®TH

Enzyme Ki [µM]
Trypsin 0.69
Thrombin (bovine) 0.006
Factor Xa 7.9
Factor XIIa 450
Plasmin 30
uPA 230
sc-tPA 430
tc-tPA 70
Plasmin kallikrein 14.4
Grandular kallikrein 93
Acrosin 2.9
Batroxobin (B. atrox) 1.7
Batroxobin (B. moojeni)   3.8
PCa 4.8
Tryptase 45
Chymotrypsin 625

Category: Research use only

Type: Inhibitor

Product Availability: Germany, Israel and Egypt

Manufacturer: DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. Branch Pentapharm, Switzerland

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Pefabloc TH

Inhibitor for Thrombin/NAPAP
Artikelnr.: 838101

Einheit: 5 mg

Code: 381-01

Hersteller: DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. Branch Pentapharm


  1. Stürzebecher J, Walsmann P, Voigt B, Wagner G.
    Inhibition of bovine and human thrombins by derivatives of benzamidine. Thromb Res 1984; 36: 457-65. 

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