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Factor XIII deficient human plasma

Factor XIII Deficient Plasma is manufactured from pooled normal human plasma depleted of Factor XIII using antibodies directed to Factor XIII. Only the highest quality citrated plasma is used as starting material.

For research assays of Factor XIII antigen and functionality, as a negative control and for dilution of standards and test samples.
The plasma is prepared from normal citrated human plasma collected from donors screened for CJD and which was tested and found negative for HBsAG, syphilis (RPR or T Pallidum-G-EIA) and antibodies to HIV and HCV and non-reactive for HIV-1 RNA and HCV RNA by FDA approved methods.
As no known test method can provide complete assurance that products derived from human blood will not transmit HBsAg, HCV, HIV-1, HIV-2 or other blood-borne pathogens, this reagent should be handled as recommended for any potentially infectious human specimen.

Set of 5 clear, screw-capped vials each containing 1 mL of lyophilized plasma. The plasma contains 50mM HEPES.

Reconstitution and Stability
One vial of lyophilized product is reconstituted by addition of 1 mL of distilled water, employing gentle agitation for 15 minutes, at room temperature. Stability after reconstitution is 4 hours at ambient (18° -25°C), or 30 days at -20 °C.

Prior to reconstitution, dried plasma should be stored at 2° - 8°C.

Category: Research use only

Type: Deficient Plasma

Product Availability: Worldwide

Manufacturer: ImmBioMed GmbH & Co KG, Germany

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Factor XIII deficient human plasma

Cat.No. ADG214
Artikelnr.: 938493

Einheit: 5x1 ml

Code: ADG214

Hersteller: ImmBioMed GmbH & Co. KG

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