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TFPI, human, recombinant

Full-length recombinant human tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI) with C-terminal His-Tag expressed in HEK cells. The protein was purified from serum-free cell culture media using affinity chromatography.

Intended Use
This product is intended to serve as a positive control for Western blot studies.

Although this product is intended for identity studies, this particular lot inhibited the catalytic activity of the TF/FVIIa complex to activate factor X to factor Xa (using the ACTICHROME® TFPI chromogenic activity kit, product no. 848).

Estimated at greater than 95% per SDS gel electrophoresis and coomassie staining. ADG49B appears as a single band at approximately 45 kDa.

Clear glass screw capped vial containing 5 µg of recombinant human TFPI lyophilized from 50 µl of 50 mM Tris/HCl, 0.1 M NaCl, pH 7.4 with 0.2 M Mannitol added as an excipient. No preservatives have been added.

Add 50 µl of filtered deionized water to dissolve the protein and generate a 100 µg/ml solution.
When diluting TFPI below 100 µg/ml, it is recommended to add a carrier protein to prevent protein loss from sticking to glass surfaces.

Store lyophilized protein at 2°-8°C. Aliquot and store reconstituted protein in plastic tubes at -20 °C or colder. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Category: Research use only

Type: Protein

Product Availability: Worldwide

Manufacturer: ImmBioMed GmbH & Co KG, Germany

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TFPI, human, recombinant

Cat.No. ADG49
Artikelnr.: 938509

Einheit: 5 µg

Code: ADG49

Hersteller: ImmBioMed GmbH & Co. KG


  1. Syndecan-3 and TFPI colocalize on the surface of  endothelial-, smooth muscle-, and cancer cells. Tinholt M. et al., PLoS One. 2015 Jan 24;10(1): :e0117404

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