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OLIGOBIND APC Blood Collection Tubes

OLIGOBIND® APC blood collection tubes are intended for the collection of whole blood for further preparation and assaying of activated Protein C (APC) plasma levels. These tubes are intended for research use only.  

OLIGOBIND® APC Blood Collections Tubes are non-sterile plastic tubes that contain citrate and reversible active site inhibitors of APC. The inhibitor protects APC from inhibition by plasma protease inhibitors in drawn blood ex vivo.

Blood samples collected using APC Blood Collection Tubes are suitable for assaying plasma APC levels using the OLIGOBIND® APC assay (ADG855). It is not recommended to use APC tubes for other functional or antigenic coagulation assays unless the assay protocol is specifically designed to accommodate the use of these tubes.

Sterile (winged) blood collection / infusion set with tubing (up to 30 cm) and short (up to 20 mm) cannula with an inner diameter of at least 0.8 mm (21G) but preferable 1.2 mm (18G).

Store OLIGOBIND® APC Blood Collection tubes at 2-8°C until use. These tubes are not sterile and should not be used for blood collection via direct venipuncture/phlebotomy. Blood should be collected using a sterile collection/infusion set with tubing (as mentioned above).
1. Collect blood into OLIGOBIND® APC Blood Collection Tubes:
    - puncture vein by using sterile blood collection system, such as a wing canula with tubing (“butterfly”)
      and appropriate Luer-Lock adapters
    - note: the first blood draw (up to 3 ml) should not be used for APC determination, therefore use other
      blood collection tube (up to 3 ml), e.g. for other analysis than APC determination.
    - then immediately draw blood into APC Blood Collection Tube(s).
    - discard material in case of initially unsuccessful puncture attempt or obviously impaired blood flow
      during sampling.
    - do not puncture the same vein again but preferably chance to other limb for second attempt.
2. Drawn blood should be stored cooled (4 °C) and centrifuged (see step 3) within 4 hours.
3. Centrifuge the blood sample at 2,500 x g for 15 minutes.
4. Plasma should be stored at 2°- 8°C and assayed within 4 hours.
    Alternatively, plasma may be stored at -20°C for up to 6 months.
5. Frozen plasma should be thawed rapidly at 37°C.

Follow the general guidelines for plasma preparation and handling of potentially infectious specimens.

Blood-to-additive variation can cause erroneous results if the tubes are over filled or under filled.

OLIGOBIND® APC Blood Collection Tubes are available in boxes of 25 tubes (ADG855T25) and 50 tubes (ADG855T50).
The tubes have a fill size of 3 ml.

Store OLIGOBIND® APC Blood Collection Tubes at 2°-8°C. Tubes may be used until the recorded expiration date.

Category: Research use only

Type: Blood Collection Tubes

Product Availability: Worldwide

Manufacturer: ImmBioMed GmbH & Co KG, Germany

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OLIGOBIND APC Blood Collection Tubes

Cat.No. ADG855T25
Artikelnr.: 938536

Einheit: 25x3ml

Code: ADG855T25

Hersteller: ImmBioMed GmbH & Co. KG


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