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Factor XIII activity assay

Determination of Factor XIII activity in plasma samples.

Factor XIII is converted by Thrombin into Factor XIIIa. At the same time, Thrombin converts Fibrinogen into Fibrin. The clotting is prevented by an aggregation inhibiting peptide. Factor XIIIa cleaves a dark quenching molecule from the side chain of a modified peptide incorporating glycine methyl ester. Subsequently, the fluorescence of an N-terminal coupled dye increases and can be monitored on-line (excitation wavelength 313 nm; emission wavelength 418 nm). Basically, the isopeptidase activity of Factor XIIIa was described by Parameswaran et al. (1), the modified peptide used is intellectual property of Zedira (2,3).

Trisodium Citrate anticoagulated plasma

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Factor XIII activity assay

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