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Specialty Coagulation Reagents
former Sekisui
Diagnostics/American Diagnostica now BioMedica Diagnostics Inc. or ImmBioMed GmbH & Co. KG respectively Testkits, proteins, antibodies (e.g. ADAMTS13, Oligobind Thrombin, Oligobind APC, TFPI)
Cloud-Clone Corp.
ELISA- and CLIA kits, proteins, antibodies.
Molecular Innovations
PAI-1-, Vitronectin- and ELISA Kits, proteins, Plasmin and Thrombin Substrates, PAI-1, tPA and uPA Antibodies.
Antibodies for immunohistochemistry (CE certified for in-vitro-diagnostics), control slides.
Hemostaseology (ELISA kits and controls, chromogenic activity kits, antibodies, proteins, deficient plasma).
Blood type test
CE-certified serum for ABO-, Rh- and rare blood types. Anti-Human Globulin, Bedside-testcards and different tools.
abp – American Biochemicals & Pharmacueticals
Platelet Function Reagents (Arachidonic acid, Epinephrine, Ristocetin, Collagen, Platelets, TRAP‑6, ADP).
HPV (13 High-risk HPV Real-Time PCR-Kit or 14 High-risk HPV with 16/18 Genotyping Real-Time PCR Kit) and HBV Real-Time PCR.
QuikHeel (TM)
Single-use device utilizing the capillary heel-stick method for blood collection in newborn.
Surgicutt bleeding time
A single-use device for quick and standardized determination of bleeding time proven for more than 15 years.
Molecular biology reagents e.g. PCR Polymerase, Real-time PCR, PCR and Real-time PCR Diagnostic Kits.
DSM Branch Pentapharm
Hemostase-Kits, substrates, inhibitors, snake venom proteins, biochemicals, Pefakits, Pefachrome, Pefafluor, Pefabloc.
ScyTek Laboratories, Inc.
Products for Immunohistochemistry, Cytology, Histology, Hematology and Microbiology. e.g. Detection Systems, Antibodies, Chromogenes, Individual Reagents, Buffers, etc.
ABclonal Biotech Co., Ltd
Antibodies against recombinant and synthetic human proteins and peptides, Antibodies against methylated and phosphorylated antigens (research areas e.g. DNA Damage/Repair, Epigenetics & Nuclear, Mitochondrial Biogenesis, RNA Binding Protein, NF-kB Signaling Pathway)

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