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LOXO GmbH: our success story

LOXO was founded by Jürgen Hämmerl and Dr. rer.nat. Peter Söllner, in 1993. Our concept of a start-up company originated during long-term employment at one of the leading IVD and reagent manufacturers in the areas of coagulation, virology, immune hematology, immune histology and molecular biology. We realized our concept within a short period of time, through our experience and profound knowledge in the areas of medical laboratory diagnostics as well as industrial and academic research.

With effect from 27.12.2017, Prof. Dr. med. Michael Kramer fully acquired the shares of LOXO GmbH. This ensures the seamless continuation of the business activities of LOXO GmbH in the usual good quality and in the form of an owner-managed company.

With Prof. Dr. Kramer was found a recognized expert in basic medical research and diagnostics as a successor. His goal is to communicate even better the advantages of the existing product range but also to identify further products for a meaningful addition to the LOXO range.

Prof. Dr. Kramer is looking forward to the future tasks at LOXO GmbH and especially in bringing his expertise to the company.

LOXO - qualified, quick and easy

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